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Apple Blossoms Forest School

It all begins with an apple blossom on a tree: with a little love, nurture, and caring, you can turn a beautiful blossom into a ripe and ready apple.

Play-based Outdoor Learning


Our Mission

Apple Blossoms Forest School offers a play based learning environment in an outdoor setting. We focus on child-led free and open ended exploration where imagination and wonder can thrive. Play is the work of the child and our school provides a space for children to foster discoveries in science, math, literacy and art.

Low Ratio

Our teacher to student ratio is low, at 1:5

We are a very small school, with only 4 to 5 spots available. We are able to create strong relationships between students and teacher. We learn together side by side, with our hands and our hearts. 

Inquiry Based

Curriculum is child-led and play-based

We use the rhythm of the seasons and the natural world to guide our play. Summer is all about gardening, trees, weather, and birds. Winter is all about moon phases, hibernation and winter survival skills.  

Outdoor Classroom

We spend a majority of our day outdoors learning

The outdoors is where we do most of our playing. Children are encouraged to use their natural surroundings to set up their imaginative and physical play. Like Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky, we believe play is the tool a child uses to develop socially and cognitively

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