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Forest Camp 2023

Apple Blossoms Forest Camps are all about giving your child a chance to connect with nature, play, explore, and learn new skills in a safe and supportive environment. Our multi-age camps allow campers to challenge themselves, practice being a role model for younger campers, and to learn how to navigate their world with confidence and joy. Every camp will incorporate art, science, and play into the rhythm of the week.

Camp #1 FULL Messy Camp May 30 to June 2

Camp #2 FULL Garden Camp June 5 to June 9

Camp #3 FULL Magical World Camp June 26

Camp #4 Geology Camp July 10 to July 14 

Camp #5 FULL Dino Mini Camp July 17 to July 19 

Camp #6 FULL Art Camp August 7 to August 11

Summer Camp Schedule

Monday through Friday
9:15 am to 1:00 pm Half Day
9:15 am to 3:00 pm Full Day

$300/week Full Day

$235/week Half Day

* plus registration fee and supply fee

Camp Registration Opens March 15 2023.

RAD Forest Camp

Ramsey Adventure Development Camp

RAD Forest Camp is a small camp run by Bri Ramsey one on our Teachers. Camps are held at Apple Blossom Forest School but are a much smaller ratio of 4:1. Camp starts at 9:15 Monday through Thursday. Sign Up HERE

Rad Camp for Ages 4-6 

$250 9:15 to 3pm

Session 1 Space Camp July 5-7: Learning about the expanse of our solar system and what else we could find during a flight into outer space!

Session 2 Kindness Camp August 14-17: Discover the fun when we stretch our kindness muscles with our community!

Session 3 World Travelers August 21-24: Wrap up the summer with a taste and experiences of various cultures in our own backyard!

Rad Camp for Ages 6-10 

$500 9:15 to 5pm

Session 1 Chemistry Camp June 12-16: Discover the fun that can be had with hands on chemistry experiments, like making ice cream in a ziploc or bottle rockets!

Session 2 Welcome to the Arctic June 19-23: Discovering some of the fun creatures in Alaska with a field trip to Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!

Session 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs July 31- August 4: Learning about previous giants that stomped on our Earth and creating our own dinosaur eggs

For more detailed information please visit the RAD's website here.

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