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ABFS Forest Camp 2024

Apple Blossoms Forest Camps are all about giving your child a chance to connect with nature, play, explore, and learn new skills in a safe and supportive environment. Our multi-age camps allow campers to challenge themselves, practice being a role model for younger campers, and to learn how to navigate their world with confidence and joy. Every camp will incorporate art, science, and play into the rhythm of the week.

*We recommend 5-day option for older children who can bike independently. 

Camp #1 Messy Camp June 10 to June 14 FULL

Camp #2 Bug Camp June 24 to June 28 FULL

Camp #3 Mini Frog Camp July 1 to July 3 (1 spot)

Camp #4 Art Camp July 8 to July 12 (1 spot)

Camp #5 Magical Camp July 15 to July 19 FULL

Camp #6 Recycling Camp August 12 to August 16 (2 OPENINGS)

Summer Camp Schedule

9:15 am to 3:00 pm Full Day
3-Day T/W/TH
5- Day Monday through Friday

$350/week 5-Day

$275/week 3-Day

*plus one time registration fee $50

Camp Registration Opens February 1 2024

LBFS Forest Camp

Little Bees Forest School

Little Bees Forest Camps are an introduction to the new sister school to Apple Blossoms! It is on the west side of town off of Minnesota and Tudor.  We will get to play and explore the new surroundings and trails along Fish Creek.  We will have ample opportunity to engage in nature through art, science and direct exploration of our various local habitats. The routine and learning opportunities will be very similar to Apple Blossoms but simply in a new environment. 

Please note that the Little Bees Camps will be offered on alternating weeks to Apple Blossoms.  The older kid camps for RAD may be overlapping with Apple Blossoms but this camp is targeted for elementary aged students.

Ages 4-7 

Camp #1  Chicken Camp June 3 to June 7

Camp #2 Bee Camp June 17 to June 21

Camp #3 Just Beach July 29 to August 2

Camp #4 Safari Camp August 5 to August 9

Camp #5 Mini School Prep/Fairy Tale

             August 26 to 30

All Camps are:

9:15am to 3:00pm Full Day

Monday through Friday (except mini camp M-W)



3 Day Option Tuesday through Thursday


*3 Day for kids who are not able to bike on their own for 2 miles*

Ages 6-10 

Camp #1 Recycling Camp June 10 to June 14

Camp #2 Art Camp June 24 to June 27

             (4 Days)

Camp #3 Cancelled

Camp #4 Mini Science Camp August 12 to

             August 14

All Camps are:

9:15am to 3:00pm Full Day

Monday through Friday (except mini camp M-W)


5 kid maximum

*Kids must be able to bike and hike at least 4 miles carrying their own backpack and gear.

To Register for Little Bees or RAD Camp or learn more, please visit the Little Bees website here!

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